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Imagine shedding self-doubt and stepping into your true power! Bricesin Scott's Be Real!, is an honest and inspiring guide packed with personal stories and practical advice that will help you discover your worth, conquer your fears, and navigate life's challenges with confidence. This book is your personal roadmap to growth. Let's embark on this journey together and make personal growth an investment in yourself because you deserve to BE REAL and BE YOUR BEST.

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Bricesin Scott, a native of Syracuse, New York is no stranger to adversity. Born with webbed hands and one leg, he motivates others by telling his story of overcoming challenges as a result of his choice to always be his best despite the handicapped labels that society has attempted to place on him.

As an author, motivational speaker and life coach, he helps individuals grow in their purposes with his REAL approach, taking them by the hand on a journey that shows them that they were made to be successful, conquer challenges and overcome the excuses of their past.

Scott believes “If you positively shift your thoughts, your self-limiting beliefs will shatter to make room for your transformation into your best self!”


Do you crave a life that pulsates with purpose, but fear and self-doubt hold you back? You’re not alone. Bricesin Scott understands that struggle intimately. Born with physical limitations and facing personal betrayal, his circumstances could have easily dictated his fate. Yet, Bricesin chose a different path – a path paved with unwavering resilience and a burning desire for self-discovery.

In his captivating guide, Be Real!, Bricesin invites you on an unforgettable odyssey. You’ll witness his triumphs and tribulations firsthand – from the grandmother whose words ignited his spirit to the awe-inspiring feat of conquering a marathon, even with a prosthetic leg. With raw honesty, he lays bare the setbacks that threatened to break him – the moments of crippling self-doubt and the sting of betrayal. But most importantly, he unveils the unyielding strength he discovered within himself, a strength that can empower you to do the same.

Are you ready to shatter self-limiting beliefs and transform into your best self? Bricesin’s message is clear: positive thoughts pave the way to overcoming any obstacle. Let his book, “Be You!: Short Stories of A Survivor,” or his empowering speeches be your guide. Unlock your full potential. The journey to your best self starts now!


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